NO. 1
The Missing Piece of IT Certification
Certifications are supposed to prove to employers that people have desired knowledge and skills. But since most certifications only measure knowledge, how do you prove that you also have skills? This is where we come in.
NO. 2
Most Advanced IT Skills Assessment
To assess skills, you need more than multiple choice exams. TestOut Pro exams use the most advanced simulation technology to measure the ability of individuals to perform real-world IT tasks. All of our exams are scientifically analyzed and validated. No one does a better job assessing IT skills than the TestOut Certifications.
NO. 3
Impressive Growth
Since we started our Pro certifications 7 years ago, we've delivered more than 176,000 exams, and...
More than 109,000 individuals are TestOut Pro certified.
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Our exams are used in 35 countries around the world.
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Students from more than 1,975 schools worldwide have taken our exams.
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US States
16 US states approved our exams as Industry Recognized Credentials.
Get Hired with TestOut Certifications
The greatest value of TestOut Pro Certifications is to help someone market themselves and get a job. We're grateful for the privilege of assisting thousands of TestOut Pro Certified individuals get employed at various companies, big and small, across the IT industry such as:
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